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Let the Past be the Past

We spend a lot of time talking about the past the way things use to be. Some of us even focus on what we did back in the day. As Christians we should not be excessively focused on the the past. It is true you can learn from the past. LUKE 9:62 says “NO MAN WHO PUTS HIS HANDS ON A PLOW LOOKS BACK. ” If a farmer was plowing and he looked back to think about how bad that field would look, he would waste his time looking back and it would be difficult to complete his task. Looking back as Christians can hurt your spiritual growth. The apostle Paul says in Philippians 3:13 ” LEAVING THOSE THINGS THAT ARE BEHIND ME, I PRESS FORWARD. ” When you became a Christian your goal was, and should be, to reach heaven. We may have friends in the past but some of them can and have brought you down. Sometimes you have a give up what you got to get what you need. If you need Jesus in your life stop focusing on the the past and focus on Him.

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