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3 Problems With The Message Bible

The Message Bible translation by Eugene H. Peterson is a paraphrase of the scriptures using modern English, the author claims he is trying to make the Bible understandable to the average person. There are many issues I have with the Message translation, but for the sake of space I am ...

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A Forgotten Little Boy and the God Who Never Forgets

Little Eddie Lincoln is often referred to as the forgotten son of Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary.   His place in history seems a vapor next to that of his three brothers, who all lived in the White House while their father was President. But he was never really forgotten. ...

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Confessions of a Former White Nationalist

Since the Alt-Right and white nationalism is in the news so much these days, I thought I would share my journey through the white nationalist movement, how I got involved and how I left it. It all started really when I became disillusioned with liberal Christianity, socialist politics and my ...

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