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Ennis Smith

Fear Not, Wilderness Walker

God, in his infinite wisdom, tells us to “fear not”. You’d think as followers, we would follow his lead without question, right? So why does my mortgage payment keep me up at night? Why do minor aches and pains fearfully remind me of time’s relentless pursuit and inevitable conquest of ...

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Family Smith: Kings and Queens Of The Hill

I have a large family made up of my wife and five children. We rarely get to go out together as a family, because the cost of living is so expensive. But, there are occasions when we discover what I like to call “hidden treasures”. These are places we come ...

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Walking The Hard, Narrow Road

There’s an old saying: “If it were easy, everyone would do it.” The walk of Christian faith is not a leisure stroll through serene territory. Often, it is a challenging trek through some of the most rugged self-imposed terrain imaginable. I say self-imposed, because Jesus often guides us through the ...

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The Fellowship Of CollectiveFaith

Do you remember your first experience with Facebook? I recall it being underground-advertised as a cooler, more grownup replacement for the social media network, MySpace. At first, Facebook really seemed to have an edge nonexistent in MySpace. It was a place where intelligent socialites and professional networking types could interact ...

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