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Why The Bible?

I was in a conversation with a nonbeliever and the topic of Scripture came up.

He wanted to know why the Bible was considered Holy.  He had a hard time putting faith into something wrote by a man and besides that it was translated over and over.  How could I trust it?

I sat there, unable to come up with anything to back up my faith.  I just believed … but why did I believe?  I, too, wanted some of my questions answered.  I promised myself if I were ever in a spontaneous conversation that rolled around to the Bible, I would have a few good reasons and be ready to explain why I believe in the Bible.

The big one for me is what archaeologist have confirmed.  Cities, tools, pottery, pools and writings.  The evidence is overwhelming.  What is even more incredible is that it is the Bible that archaeologists use to point them in the right direction.

It is consistent.  It has 66 books written by 40 different writers over 1500 years.  It would be impossible for 40 writers to have the same message if not inspired by God.  He loved us so much that He inspired the writers and protected the scrolls.  It was important for me to understand that each time it was translated, it was taken directly from the original Hebrew and Greek.

There are other non biblical historians that corroborate events described in the Bible.  The evidence in secular authentic records makes it impossible not to take the Bible seriously.

There are over 400 prophecies in the Old Testament that are fulfilled by the life and death and resurrection of the Jesus in the New Testament.  That is no small number.  I wonder if the reason it only takes a tiny bit of faith is because we do have such overwhelming proof.  We truly are without excuse.

The Bible is the most popular book ever written, it has changed lives, the teachings are unlike any other.

“The Bible is alive and powerful.  It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow.  It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.”  Hebrews 4:12 NLT





About Lindsey

is from the northern woods of Wisconsin where she lives a quiet life working as a medical editor. Highlights in life are family, books, writing, and especially a relationship with her Creator.

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  1. Great points Lindsey. It is important for Christians to always be prepared to give an answer. We are human and have the same struggles as everyone else, but it’s how we handle the trials of life that make our outer shell appear different. I have also found that sometimes even hard facts and evidential proof are not enough to convince someone of the truth and no act of persuasion ever will since the choice is a matter of the heart, not of the mind. Thanks for sharing. Your words encourage me.

    • Yes, there will always be the hard-hearted. There are also people who just don’t realize how credible it is. Thanks for reading and commenting Renee! (hugs)

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