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JESUS the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE

I’ve always felt a little different, like the world wasn’t really my home.
It took me 30 years to understand that every thought I had was not necessarily my own.

I used to walk through life always thinking that something was wrong here,
Wondering if God is love then why is the world so full of fear?

I hated organized religion, and thought it wasn’t just a sham but a scam!
Then I realized that of course it’s corrupt because it was created by man.

I discovered that life on this earth puts us in the middle of a battle between the devil and God,
And until God lifts the veil of lies and deceit something will always seem odd.

We are all searching for truth and for light in a world full of darkness and suffering,
Until the truth is revealed we will all be left curious and wondering.

You see the devil, his demons, God and His angels are not just mere superstitions,
And to understand our purpose in life we must first understand our condition.

We live in a world that is fallen and broken, full of suffering and death,
And none of us can afford to waste time, because we don’t know how much of it we have left.

Our nature is inherently evil, full of sin, and we are all desperately in need of a savior to keep us from hell.
But we can rejoice because we received our savior when God sent the second Adam after the first Adam fell.

The devil often feeds our mind thoughts, desires and selfish ambitions,
And destroying our lives is the main purpose of his mission.

Satan comes like a thief in the night to steal, kill and destroy,
And to defeat him the Word of God is the weapon that we must employ.

God can give us gifts and blessings and shower us with His affection,
But don’t forget that Satan gives blessings too, though he uses them as misdirection.

Sometimes we forget that Satan took dominion over the earth after the first Adam fell.
He is the ruler of this earth, until Jesus returns and casts him down to hell.

Satan tempted Jesus in the wilderness offering Him the world, saying He could be the one that everyone would love and adore.
He tempts us today just the same with riches power and fame, though if we accept we will just always be searching for more.

Satan can give you the world and all its riches and it will never be enough,
Because that hole in your soul cannot be filled with all this earthly stuff.

Jesus came into this world to save you and I from sin, death, self-destruction and eternal damnation.
When you accept and surrender to Him as Lord of your life you receive your salvation.

Jesus Christ is absolutely the answer to every one of your questions,
Only He is worthy of all your love, worship, praise and affections.

It is true that when you know the truth, the truth will set you free.
The truth is God’s love when He sent His only begotten Son to die for you and for me.

Satan tempts,
Jesus tests.

Satan toils,
Jesus rests.

Satan kills,
Jesus saves.

Satan accuses,
Jesus forgave.

Satan destroys,
Jesus restores.

Satan despises,
Jesus adores.

Satan lies and causes nothing but strife,
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

How do you feel about this life you’re living on earth today? Where is your true home? What can you do to help you remember to focus on Christ and eternity?

About Jason Herrington

After spending fifteen years of his life aggressively pursing financial success in various business endeavors, Jason became disillusioned with what was being taught by the success “experts.” After many years searching for answers amongst new-age teachings, the mystical, the occult, and other spiritual practices, he found that nothing made a lasting difference in his life--which was becoming increasingly confusing and wrought with hardship. No matter how hard he worked he was left with more problems and questions. Then, a few years later he found the one solution that would change his life forever--giving his life to Jesus Christ. Once a strong skeptic and opponent of Christianity, now Jason is completely in awe of the God who, in His mercy, still made Himself known to him, despite his aversion. Now he is passionate and committed to searching for answers exclusively from God’s Word. His ministry seeks to target any and all individuals attracted to the success and personal development industry, as well as the new age movement, and deliver God’s truth. Visit www.elevate2great.com to see more of his work.

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