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Lessons from a Shepherd

I love my dog.  I’m sure she is the smartest Australian Shepherd ever!  She has no college degree, but she is a great teacher none the less.  My latest lesson under her instruction focused on “positioning and patience”.  Position yourself where you can get your heart’s desire then wait patiently.  ...

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Failed Feet Makes Weak Stronger

I love metaphors! Perfect words woven together to compare something so direct that the answer is never revealed only implied. For example, you may have heard someone say, “He was a diamond in the rough.” The comparison being made is that of a person and their characteristics and unique qualities ...

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Did you get it?

Billions of dollars sit in ‘unclaimed funds’ accounts across the United States. The legal, rightful owners of monies (i.e. inheritances, refunds, settlements) ‘receive’ the allocation, but they never actually ‘get’ the monies…  It is hard to believe, isn’t it? Even odder, in all likelihood, many owners of these unclaimed funds ...

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