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Running Free

Deep in every heart, a desire pulses to live out the passions of the soul.   Perhaps that is the draw most have to images of wild horses running free.  The power and supple grace of galloping horses speaks to the part of every soul that longs for freedom.  The reality, ...

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To Bind a Thief

Springtime in Iowa becomes a beautiful hued layer of blues and greens colliding with the golden left overs of winter and the fresh tilled blackened soil of spring. It is a magnificent masterpiece! However, along with God’s handiwork come the annoyances at least to those who are trying to enjoy ...

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Asleep at the Wheel

“Honey, let me drive. I know you’re more tired than I am.” Pulling the vehicle off at the next exit ramp, my husband and I completed a record breaking “Fire Drill” to switch roles as driver and passenger. Oblivious to the switch, our girls slumbered peacefully in the back from ...

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Lessons from a Shepherd

I love my dog.  I’m sure she is the smartest Australian Shepherd ever!  She has no college degree, but she is a great teacher none the less.  My latest lesson under her instruction focused on “positioning and patience”.  Position yourself where you can get your heart’s desire then wait patiently.  ...

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