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Learning To Manage Anger

Anger has become a blemish on the culture. It is out of control, and has led to a degree of violence never imagined. It is an emotion just like joy, happiness, or sadness, but is expressed in destructive ways, an outward action of the sinful heart of humanity separated from ...

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Jesus’ Answer For Stress

Are you weary and distressed over the world conditions? Perhaps you are working long hours on a job you don’t like. Do you have to work with difficult people? Depression and anxiety are at an all-time high. There are many causes of stress, but Jesus desires for people to live ...

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Is It Time To Consider Long Term Care?

Galatians 6:2   Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ. “I feel so guilty…” – is a statement I’ve heard throughout my entire career as a Director in Social Services, and Long-Term Healthcare Administrator. This was a comment that was parroted by the vast majority of ...

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Jesus, The Great Caregiver

Recently, someone remarked that after a major operation, people may require a caregiver. That thought triggered the idea for this article. Jesus cares about one’s emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. He is The Great caregiver! First Peter 5:7 says to “cast all your care upon him, for he cares for ...

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