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Solar Eclipse 2024: A Declaration Of God’s Glory

total solar eclipse

Solar Eclipse Day, April 8, 2024, was a historic day, and many traveled far to be on the path of totality. A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon travels between the sun and the Earth and seems to cover the sun’s face entirely. Those observers in the center of ...

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Creation: Science Or Philosophy?

God's creation - mountains and lakes

In an article by Joshua Kreisel on February 10, 2017, published by Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, titled “How Should Creationism and Evolution Be Taught in Public Schools?” he comes to these conclusions:  Creationism is not science, but it should be taught in public schools. Teach evolution as science ...

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God Doesn’t Use Google

God doesn't use Google

I asked my boss at the hospital about some medical equipment. He answered, “I don’t know. Google it.” So, if you have questions about a disease, treatment for that disease, some historical event, some Bible teaching, how to fix a car, or sink drain, you name it – what do ...

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Is Genesis A Myth?

Genesis and Creation

“Genesis is a myth…”  That’s what the preacher asserted. My Dad promptly pulled us out of that church, saying, “We’re going to go to a church that believes the Bible.” He was right. That was back in the 1950s. And I still affirm that he was right. My two earned ...

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