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Thank you for visiting The Bottom Line. We are a family of Christian writers who seek to present the news in a way that brings glory to God and inspires our readers. The material we cover is intended to reflect God’s love for mankind and His desire for everyone to be a part of His Kingdom. We hope you will find our site both useful and enjoyable, and continue to visit us as we grow. God bless.

Statement Of Faith

Our family at The Bottom Line seeks to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. We believe this is achieved through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In having such a large writing family, there are notably a lot of views that will come about, but we all seem to agree on most things pertaining to the Holy Bible thanks to our oneness through the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Camp David Green Academy,a registered international christian school start-up project at Ol Kalou,Nyandarua County in Kenya whose mission is to educate young people from a Christian perspective and vision is to prepare students who are competent,contributing members of society is seeking potential partners, sponsors, donors, advisors, consultants,volunteers,church planters and evangelists worldwide.

    Donation of free Christian publications and materials like bibles, books, magazines, directories, encyclopedias, tracks, CD, film cassettes, desktops, laptops, to form part of our school library and ICT Centre are humbly welcome.

    Attached herein,please find photos of children in our lower class school that we are currently operating at Free Area,Lanet near Nakuru town in Nakuru County.

    Detailed information available on request.

    Yours in His service,

    Nicholas Nganga
    Executive Director
    Camp David Green Academy
    P.O Box 3305-20100
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: + 254 770 148 751 (International)
    0770148751 (Local)
    + 254 718 921 000 (International)
    0718921000 (Local)


  2. Please pray with us that God will provide us with all the resources required to build our planned international christian school(Camp David Green Academy) in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    In His service,


  3. So it seem thet a few of us in the Leslie family are yet sinners. but my heart is joyful thet some of you are on the right path in life. I already know thet thet I will not receive a responce from you. I dont exspect one. the more i dig about how my cousents are doing the more i seem to be proud. I am also glad thet not as many as i thought were engulfed in the wonderful world of tree service work! However being dubbed as the black Leslie and this clannish b.s. fued thet has gone on too long. Ill waste no time to state I am still greatly skilled in our former familys proffesion My bad on the spelling. Years of drinking and drugging has caught up with me.For 48 years old though I still feel ok. Glory too the heanly and mighty lord JESUS. ALthough my life will never be right. an accident from my asswipe father or whatever he is. I regrete not telling our grandfather the last time i seen him thet i loved him And thet I was glad thet thr lord picked him too be my teacher of life. he did beat the hell out of me alot. though growing up in fear half the time was hard I dont blam though being married too a black hearted witch would make any man run out of his own house ok welll signin off and tell billy too go and kick ronies ass for me thanks respectfully submited .

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