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The Parrot Who Refused To Eat Crackers

Deep in the rainforest, a parrot sat perched in his tree, His beautiful colors were amazing to see. His name was Patch, and he always had a lot to say, He wouldn’t stop talking. He cheerfully spoke night and day. Early in the morning while there was still a soft ...

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Camping: An Excellent Way to Experience God Personally

When you have gone to all the summer parties, visited all the theme parks, and have hosted one too many backyard barbeques, it’s time to go camping. You might not have thought about camping, but it’s actually a wonderful weekend activity. It can be a fun adventure with lots of ...

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Everything But The Matches

An evening of marshmallow s’more making was in store. The logs had been placed in perfect form with the kindling resting in the center and the medium sized sticks following suit. The family had all taken preventative measures for any potential mosquito attacks. Not a cloud of thunder was to ...

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