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God speaks. Can you hear Him?

Grief, frustration and resentment seeped through the words, “I guess God just doesn’t talk to me.”  A committed servant of the church, a faithful Christian who lived a scriptural life, my friend’s voice trembled over the perceived silence of God.  My heart ached then and now.  God is not silent; ...

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Hear This! Are You Listening?

“So, you have the rest of the time today to work on your assignment. The rough draft is due next Tuesday. All of the requirements and details are spelled out in Canvas” No more than two seconds after wrapping up my verbal instructions, I heard the anxious plea. “Mrs. G! ...

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I Am Waiting

“How many times have you failed to come to my throne of grace because you felt unworthy or fearful? How many times have I whispered to your heart to bring your cares to me? You did not because in your heart you have said” I have rebelled ten times today ...

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Deaf Woman Hears for the First Time

Deaf Woman Hears for the First Time By H.W. Bass Video has circulated all over the Internet of  Joanne Milne of Gateshead in the U.K., who has been deaf since birth, at the moment when she hears for the first time. This is a beautiful image of someone who is ...

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