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Killed By Pride

Or-Eaten by Worms It was exciting and frightening at the same time! The early Christians in Jerusalem had seen God’s power. Three thousand were saved and baptized on the day of Pentecost. The Jewish opposition had threatened, imprisoned, and given commands not to teach in the name of Jesus. Yet ...

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Called to Disciple a Murderer

Martyrdom of Stephen

Everything he ever learned and believed was changed in an instant.  Ananias had grown up as a faithful, devout Jew.  He entered Jerusalem on this life-changing day for the feast of Pentecost, which the Jews called Shavuot.  They sometimes called it the “Feast of Weeks” since they observed it seven ...

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The Importance Of Spiritual Rest

Being a Christian is, without a doubt, a wonderful thing. Not only are we spiritually reborn, but we now belong to a family. A community of believers from all different walks of life, who share in the same Spirit. We each have our gifts, roles, and callings, but we are ...

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Rejoicing In Jail

The jailer pushed us into a dark, dirty, musty, and ill-smelling room. The air reeked with urine and feces smells. It had not been cleaned in a long time, if ever. There were no windows and no ventilation. The air we breathed was stale, foul, and breathtaking. Then he bound ...

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Content in God’s Arms

My great grandmother, Mary Jane, came to America from the southern shore of England when she was a young woman. Of all the little ways of English life she continued to cherish here in America, tea time was a favorite. Throughout her 80 years, she always made time in the ...

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