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Being Delivered from Depression and Lies

Everything is possible with God. I prayed with my prayer partner this morning with Mom’s in Prayer format (Praise, Confession, Thankfulness, Intercession) and we both were lifted up by God’s grace. The attribute for today is God is truth. During praying time, I listened to what she prayed that God ...

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Do You Live to Please God or Men?

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I realized once I became a disciple of Christ that navigating the “Christian” community can be almost as frustrating and confusing as navigating the world. There are so many people in the world claiming to be pastors and teachers of the ...

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What My Bible DOESN’T Say

The one thing I think would drastically change the landscape of Christianity around the world, is if all believers actually read the Bible in its entirety. When we’ve actually read the Bible we can know what is says, but also what it DOESN’T say. Most of us make assumptions and ...

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Six Responses of Christians To the Culture of the Last Days

How should Christians live in the midst of the present world condition of evil, same-sex marriage, lack of morality, and religious persecution? The Bible gives the answers. 1. We must be strong in our faith and beliefs. We cannot buckle under pressure to conform. Giving into the worldly ways and thinking ...

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