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Are You Sleeping Well?

Are you tired of all the ads about substances, with their side effects, that are aired on television to maintain optimum health? I sure am. Having quality sleep every night is a large part of staying healthy, but many people struggle with sleeping well. Commercials on television promote sleeping pills ...

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Rest For Our Soul

I wonder if you have had the immense pleasure of reading Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic, ‘The Wind in the Willows’? Now if you are a fan,  you can join with me in smiling at the memory of the outrageous, but highly likeable, Mr. Toad. If you have not had the ...

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What to Do If You Are Battle Weary?

The term “battle weary” originated from soldiers who have been on the battlefield too long and are tired of being there. “Battle fatigue” or “combat fatigue” in a solider is characterized by depression, anxiety, and loss of motivation, caused by the stress of active warfare. As Christians we too can ...

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