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‘Sound Of Freedom’ Movie Exposes Evils Of Human Trafficking

Sound of Freedom is a movie opening in theaters Wednesday, July 4th, 2023.  It’s a movie dealing with the sin of human trafficking, specifically the trafficking of young children stolen, lost, or orphaned and used for wicked purposes by evil men and women in Latin America.

The story is based on a man named Tim Ballard who has risked everything, including his own life, to save as many children as possible from the wickedness of this cruel abomination done to innocent children south of our border and beyond.

The anger that our Lord has for the men and women that would harm young children can be summed up by what He said in Luke 17:2“It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.” One scripture in the Bible says it all.

The star of the movie, Jim Caviezel, recently said in a sit down with Angel Studios co-founder and CEO Neal Harmon that after the film was linked with Epstein Island, he knew there would be difficulty getting the film distributed by a major Hollywood studio.

Jim said, “After the correlation, I said we’re going to have problems, and when I went to the studios, you clearly see people getting up and crying and weeping and moved to tears–highly entertained, and then when it’s all said and done, it was, “Sorry, this isn’t for us.”

If you’re a moviegoer or someone who only goes to the movies for something memorable. In that case, I encourage you to go and support this film, and Angel Studios for distributing it for the sake of all those children who need to have their voices heard by a larger audience.

A film rarely comes along with the importance of blowing the doors wide open on the evil underworld of human trafficking. In this case, Sound Of Freedom exposes Latin America’s seedy underground world of sin and what it takes to save the lives of all those children who have been captured and caught up in the middle of it.

For your convenience, or if you can’t wait, there are also early showtimes on Tuesday, July 3rd, 2023.  The cast and crew of Sound of Freedom aim to sell 2 million tickets for the 2 million trafficked children worldwide. Let’s help them to reach that goal.

To learn more about the film, showtimes, creators, and those involved, please visit Angel Studios and Operation Underground Railroad.

Angel Studios is offering free tickets in limited quantities for a limited time.


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