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Are You Really Following Jesus?

Had I just bought the most wonderful car I’d ever driven, or read a marvelous book, or just dined at an awesome restaurant, I would gladly expound on every little detail hoping you, too, could enjoy the wonders of each.  So, it is only fitting that I share Pastor Singleton’s message from our morning service.  I was inspired and moved to ponder the important truth he shared.

Pastor’s message stemmed from a fundamental truth of the Bible: Do you know your need of Jesus? 

If you don’t realize your keys are lost, you won’t look for them.  If you think you are on the right road going the right direction, you won’t take out your map or GPS to check your location.  If you attend church every Sunday, refrain from blatantly sinful choices, and follow all the “rules”, disregarding Jesus’ words stating that He is the only avenue to God, then you will probably not feel the need to check your motive for church attendance.  If this be the case, you may well fit into the sad, illusive position mentioned by our pastor of “being in God’s church, but not in His family“.

The next question that demands consideration is found in John 1:43-49: Do you know Jesus personally? 

I am in total agreement with the pastor that there are many people in church who do not really “know” Jesus.  Oh, they know His name and lineage and many facts about Him, too.  A significant number will attest to memorizing multiple scriptures and feel satisfied with themselves.  They will probably consider all these actions “good enough”.  But do they really know or have a personal relationship with the holy Son of God?  That, my friend, is what makes all the difference.  Jesus personally invited individuals to “follow” Him and those individuals, in turn, invited others to follow.

One way to determine your true relationship with Jesus is to consider whether you are concerned with His concerns.  The most major concern on His great heart is: the salvation of those going to hell because they have no relationship with Him. Some are ignorant of their need and others have made a purposeful decision against Jesus’ offer of salvation.  Either way, their eternity will be one of unspeakable anguish and pain.  When the Holy Spirit dwells in us because of a true, committed relationship with Jesus, we have a direct line to the heart of God.  We begin to want our desires to line up with His. (Philippians 2:13)

Lastly, if you have accurately concluded that you truly have a thriving relationship with Jesus: Have you made the effort to find someone, or several someones, with whom you can share this wonderful Good News? 

Pastor Singleton stressed that people found by Jesus find other people to share their great treasure.  They can’t resist–just like the new car owner, the reader of that awesome book or the delighted restaurant patron.  God meant it to unfold just like that!  It brings harvesters into His ripe and ready fields of desperate souls.  The holes in people’s hearts are God-shaped, not money-shaped, car-shaped or job-shaped.  They need Him to be complete–even though they don’t often know it.

If we are really following Jesus, we will take the provided opportunities to follow His example by reaching out to share our great good news of His saving grace.

Who do you know that needs a relationship with Jesus?  Is it you?  If you know Jesus, how can you share your relationship so another can become a thriving member of God’s family?

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