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The Value of Vulnerability

Is being vulnerable the same as being weak?

It would seem that if we let ourselves be vulnerable, it shows how weak we are.  We have the wrong notion that if we let ourselves be exposed, we become doormats, and we want to be anything other than weak people. Vulnerability feels scary.

However, when we are rooted in God, we see the value of vulnerability.  It knits one to another.  It binds us together in a beautiful way.  There is no guarantee disappointment and hurt feelings will never find us.  In fact, they probably will.  We are not promised a life without trouble.

I have found that there is tremendous value and great opportunity in those areas and relationships where bitterness and hurt feelings have taken root.  There is a chance to be the first to forgive, an honor you cannot feel unless you’ve truly done it. It is a breathtaking thing; it’s where grace abides.

At first it does feel unnatural and it IS difficult, there is no doubt.

If you bravely face those moments in life, those people who have wounded you, God’s grace will transform them into the biggest blessings you have ever known. They will be the sweetest moments in time.

If you are not vulnerable with, and available to, others in your life you are not doing it right.  If you aren’t willing to show your mistakes, your scars, and sagging moments, people will never have the chance to know you and it will be clear to people that somethings don’t add up.  They’ll know you are faking it.  You don’t have to bare all your soul or share all your story, but you should be true.  Vulnerability is essential. 

We are most powerful and inspirational in our world when we expose the good and the bad.  It helps people relate.  When we protect with walls, with false fronts and false selves, we miss out on life and on each other.  God has given us one great commandment: we should love others just as He has loved us.  (John 13:34)

Vulnerability is not always comfortable, but it is always real. In order to love, we need to be available and vulnerable to one another.  Do you have trouble being vulnerable in your relationships? What is one way you can let your guard down starting today?


About Lindsey

is from the northern woods of Wisconsin where she lives a quiet life working as a medical editor. Highlights in life are family, books, writing, and especially a relationship with her Creator.

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