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Heroes Come in all Sizes

Kaylan Woodward has been called a six-year-old hero. He showed extraordinary coolness and bravery in the midst of a potentially terrifying situation. Kaylan and Marcy were playing in their front yards in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood. Kaylan and his ten-year-old friend Marcy were approached by a young, Hispanic male who drove up to the curb in a white convertible with red seats. He tried to abduct the little girl by grabbing her mouth.

The surprising thing about the attempted kidnap was that it was done so brazenly in broad daylight. The incident took place on Thursday May 28, 2014 at 5:30p.m as the kids were playing no more than twenty feet away from their front doors.

Kaylan’s quick thinking could have saved his neighbor’s life. He ran up to the man who was trying to take his friend and kicked him on the inside and outside parts of his leg. His diversionary tactic was enough to make the assailant let go of Marcy who in turn was able to escape the man’s grasp. Marcy came panting up to her front door right after the incident transpired. She held on tightly to her scooter as she escaped potential harm.

Marcy’s mother had been looking out the window and immediately ran out the front door in an attempt to find the man who attacked her daughter. He was long gone and she was unable to identify who he was. She called Kaylan her “little hero” saying she was so glad he had been near Marcy when the man tried to abduct her.

Kaylan later said in an interview that the man had hit him and Marcy but the children were reported to have suffered no harm. Kaylan must be applauded for his quick reaction and cool thinking in this kidnap attempt. I do not believe it is an exaggeration to say that Kaylan saved his friend Marcy’s life.

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  1. What a brave little boy! How refreshing to hear. He could teach some adults what bravery is. Such a contrast to past news stories when we heard that people just walked by when they witnessed a crime being committed. Praise God for providing His protection in the form of this brave six-year-old hero.

  2. Wonderful story, thanks for bringing it to our attention. Sometimes children are the best examples….

  3. Welcome, they are.

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