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Speaking God’s Word Out Loud Brings Divine Power

Do you know someone who is battling with something more overwhelming than they imagined possible?  Are they calling out for help from friends and family?  Do you feel helpless and inadequate to make a God-sized difference?  Don’t despair. 

There is a very important investment you can make on behalf of your loved one–inform or remind them of the power of the Word of God.  It is a very simple message, but if they grasp it, it will likely mean the difference between life and death, health and sickness, victory and defeat.

Think about it.  The Word of God is powerful! (Hebrews 4:12Genesis 1 tells us that God “spoke” all of what He created into being.  “And God said … “.  When He was finished speaking, a complete world resulted with everything needed for abundant life.  Then in John 1: 1-4, God tells us that the “Word” He spoke “was God”.  Jesus is that Word and “in Him [is] life”. (John 1:4)  So friend, the best effort you can make on behalf of someone who is in very dire straights, is to inform them of the power of the Word of God.  It is powerful enough to meet any need.  It gives life and victory!

For two of my loved ones who are in dire need of a “God-touch,” I have committed to pray for them and to share the importance of applying God’s Word to their situations.  I have advised them to speak out loud verses that pertain to the situation that they are facing.  God’s Word is resolute.  It is profoundly simple.  It makes the difference.  It is reliable.  A few of my favorites verses are Proverbs 4:20-22, Psalm 118:7, Psalm 103:1-5, Psalm 91, and Deuteronomy 30: 19-20.

God’s Word is true and truth.  What it states, it means.  All of us can confidently put our faith and trust in it.  But we must choose to do so.

Choose to apply it as truth, as medicine, to whatever and where ever the need is.  Convey the message, to those who need to hear, that we must trust our loving Heavenly Father and resist the torments of fear at all costs and turn from it at every opportunity.   We must invite the peace of Christ to fill our hearts and thoughts. (Philippians 4:7)  And last, but not least, we must find a reason to give thanks in whatever the situation–even if it is just that the sun has risen again.  That will swell God’s big heart with gratitude for your thankful spirit that prevails in spite of all the other surrounding negatives.

You can’t go wrong by encouraging a friend or loved one to depend on and apply (speak it out loud) the Word of God to their situation.  After all is said and done, they will have experienced Him in a marvelous, new way.

Who do you know that needs to hear that God’s Word can make a world of difference in their situation?  Will you commit to pray for them and pass along this message?

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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    Waiting upon the Lord.

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