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God Is On The Move – Marvelous Things Are Taking Place

I hope you have noticed that God is on the move.  Yes, He is always tending to this world, but lately, He is displaying His actions more obviously and more frequently.  I am noticing it in my own life and am hearing of it from others who are close to the Lord.  It is growing harder and harder for the unbelieving to discount the miraculous moves of God.

Recently, upon waking, I focused my first thoughts on the Lord.  I asked, “Lord, do You have a word for me and the people today?”  Immediately, I felt impressed to write down the words that were coming to my mind:

“Marvelous things are taking place.  Marvelous things are taking place.  Marvelous things are taking place.  The God of all glory is on the move.  He is making the hind to calve. (I took this to mean He is birthing new things.)  The heavens are raining down gems of His treasure.  He is displaying His mighty power for all to see.  Rise up.  Give Him praise.  Welcome the Lord of Glory as He enters His gates.  He is worthy of all praise and all glory.  Give Him praise and glory.  Don’t hold back.  Clap your hands.  Dance before Him.  Make known His name in all the earth.  Marvelous things are taking place at the move of His mighty hand.”

My first thoughts were,  “Wow!”  As I re-read and contemplated the message, I realized I should act on the commands given.  I clapped my hands giving Him glory.  I praised Him with uplifted voice.  I raised my cupped hands for Him to fill with the gems of His treasure as He rained them down from heaven that I might be used in the display of His mighty power for all to see.  I prayed:

“I am willing, Lord; make me ready and set me in motion to proclaim and show forth Your praise and glory as You begin to move more dynamically in the sight of all people.  You truly do deserve all the glory.  I desire to do my part in making Your name known throughout the earth–at least my little corner of it.”

I know God can do it all by Himself; but, in His great love, He lets us tag along to “help” Him reach the unbelieving.  Just like a daddy who allows his little five year old to “assist” with the car repairs.  The little one doesn’t have much to give, but the father loves the company and the opportunities that make for teachable moments.  Our efforts are often imperfect, but it delights our God to see us interested.  Step into the flow of the move of God today.

Are you willing to start by following the simple commands He has commanded in His message above? You won’t regret it.  I promise.

How will you respond to the “Word of the Lord” to His people? 

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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