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Building A Solid Foundation In A Long Distance Relationship

God, using His infinite wisdom and creativity, sometimes orchestrates a unique melding together of two lives. 

There are stories of love at first sight, or stories where the courtship strung on and on while one person or the other sorted through a myriad of feelings, and there’s the typical dating and fun times relationship that ebbs and flows into a natural outcome of marriage.  It was different than all of those for Carlos (DJ on WAY-FM radio) and Amber.  God arranged a rare love story just for them–one which blossomed across the 1,000 miles between Nashville and Houston.  Finding a connection and then getting to know one another over such a long distance is risky and challenging; but, Carlos and Amber found it an awesome blessing.

Before they were able to establish a mutual interest connection, Carlos’ circumstances brought about his long distance move. When Amber found out, with fluttering heart she said, “Lord, I’d like to date this guy.”  She had some typical concerns.  How could their relationship grow?  There would be no movies to share, no dates.  They’d make different friends. He’d see a lot of pretty people.  “Who am I?” she wondered.

Carlos counts the potential negatives of their long distance relationship part of the blessings of their now tight bond.  He commented that they spent time on late night phone calls and tough conversations.  Carlos learned Amber to her core–the ugly, the beautiful, and her insecurities.  She learned him to his core.  They didn’t waste time with the trivial and shallow activities of some relationships.  It seems that in most “normal” dating situations the individuals get caught up in going here and there and having fun and things don’t get real very quickly.  Amber and Carlos would need to dig to real depths from the get-go.

A few months later, on Valentine’s Day, Carlos asked Amber for their first official date. Carlos presented Amber with a book wherein he had written a message to her for each day of the month.  He told her, “Writing you every day helps me see the real me and the real you.  You are more than just another pretty face.  Please read one page a day.”  On her flight home, Amber read through to the last page even before reaching her destination.

On their wedding day, Amber presented to Carlos the letter (in part) she penned from her heart.  “To my future husband: Today is our wedding day.  You are him.  Until now, it would be a mystery who God would hand-craft just for me and bring into my life as my groom, my perfect gift, my safest place, my closest friend.”

She expressed her thankfulness that his heart was more beautiful and his soul more impressive than anything she had ever seen.  Amber left her family’s nest to build a home with Carlos.  They took the time to get to know each other; they built a solid foundation of trust, security, and love.

God created us for relationship.  That which He joins together He commands that no one divides. (Mark 10:9)  Carlos and Amber have before them, as do all married couples, a future of making loving choices in times of challenge as well as occasions of joy and peaceful bliss. (James 1: 3-4)  They will build on a solid foundation.

Have you told your spouse lately how thankful you are for him or her and given specific reasons? What is a unique way that you could express your gratitude?

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I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Great article Stephanie H, I love it. My Fiance and I was in a long distance relationship, and I have to say… I think we are where we are because of it. Our “getting-to-know-you” phase was carried out over the phone. This gave us a genuine opportunity to truly get to know each other–minus the physical distractions. It wasn’t about the fancy dates he took me out on, or the expensive gifts he bought, or even how he held me close. So, with all of the formalities/typical stuff out of the way, we were left with our words and thoughts… and that’s where we fell in love. It was solely through communication and God’s will.

    Now that I’m nearer, I tell him every chance I get how much I appreciate him and our relationship. I do this not just with my actions, like a surprise meal he favors or attending a function with him when I’d rather not, but through my words as well; like a random text or an email, or just plain ole talking! 🙂

    • Thank you, Amelia, for your reply. There is no mountain that God can’t lift us up and over when we give a situation to Him and walk in His will. I’m thrilled that you are blessed with a God-directed relationship. There are so many who take less and call it good enough. God bless you and your fiance with many years of God-wonders in your relationship.

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