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Faith and the College Student

More than ever before, faith and Christianity are being challenged, in the world at large, but even more so on college campuses.  Despite a study by Neil Gross and Solon Simmons and published in Sociology of Religion stating that the majority of college professors are not atheists or agnostics, and ...

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I Will Not Change By Persuasion Alone

The decision to stand firm on an atheistic belief “is not for intellectual reasons but for moral reasons” -Ravi Zacharias. Think about this statement for a moment. There is more scientific evidence to prove the existence of a divine creator than there is to disprove the existence of one yet ...

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Suicide Derailed

Lacey Sturm knows the depths of depression that destroy life.  Raised knowing about God, the tragedies and evil of the world sucked her into a vortex of darkness.  When she was only ten, the murder of her three-year old cousin sent her deeper into the downward spiral. “If God was ...

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