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A Boy And His Books

Everyone has a choice how they use their time.  Some waste it. Others are caught up with electronic “toys” like cell phones, I-pods, and video games. Not so, with 12-year-old Matthew Flores of Salt Lake City, Utah. More about this in a moment. Now, about all the junk mail people ...

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Are We Teaching Our Kids Impatience?

From spectating a sport to attending a performance, more and more parents are depending on technology to entertain their children instead of having them watch what is on the stage or on the court. Not only has the influence affected the sports and fine arts arenas, the digital tools have ...

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Let’s Have A Moment of Silence

One thing our culture needs is times of silence. I don’t mean the times when people pay their respects to the deceased. There are moments when we need to be free from the busyness and noise of life, to not allow distractions and mental clutter. God wants just plain silence ...

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