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Ask Your Soul: Why So Sad?

It’s not usual for a song to come to my mind completely out of the blue.  It happens all the time.  This morning, however, the song that invaded my thoughts was quite an unusual one.  I was sweeping the floor, and to my recollection, I wasn’t thinking about anything in ...

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  It has been said, “After great love comes great grief” (Betty J. Carmack, 2003) Does it ever end?  You wake up and the reality hits you, it DID happen.  You try to, or just long to, run from it.  Just run!  Yet you can’t run fast enough.  It’s like ...

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Beating the Holiday Blues

Holiday blues affects Christians and non-Christians as well, and occurs between Thanksgiving and New Year’s; it is accompanied by depression and anxiety symptoms. These symptoms occur because of unrealistic expectations of how families should be, demands of holiday parties and events, financial strain of buying gifts, reminders of past losses, ...

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