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There Is No Identity Crisis In Christ

Recently I lost my wallet. With that, of course, I had no driver’s license or any other form of identification. I would not be able to prove my identity to someone, if asked. But when one becomes a Christian, in a spiritual sense, there is never a loss of identity. ...

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You Are Righteous In God’s Eyes

A former pastor of mine said, “God has many dysfunctional children.” I include myself in that category. I have struggles, hurts, and a tendency to say and do wrong things, that the Bible calls a sin nature. At times I am sure I really try God’s patience. Often I have ...

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The Devastation of Good Intentions

The first year we lived here, the fig tree amazed me!  The fruit was abundant and delicious … nothing like a dried fig.  Late in the year, though, a pesky vine began weaving through the branches.  Friends alerted me to the vine being poison oak.  Logic told me, “Get rid ...

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