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Life Is Full Of The Unexpected

Recently, while driving on the freeway, a speeding and impatient driver was going in between cars from lane to lane. You know the kind of driver I am talking about. In this case the driver cut in very close to the front of my vehicle. There could have been a ...

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God’s Overcoming Plan For Us

Charging forth with all our might,we won’t give up but continue to fight!For, you see, there is a battle going on,placed in our paths to make us strong.Sometimes we tend to forget its purpose,yielding more towards frustrations that hurt us.God has prepared us for each spiritual war,knowing full well there ...

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Is “Donald Trump” In The Bible?

I am one of those people who doesn’t necessarily care to watch the news. There is value in it, but as with anything, it is important to show care in how we feed ourselves with something. Still, it seems like for nearly a decade whenever I do happen to watch ...

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Content in God’s Arms

My great grandmother, Mary Jane, came to America from the southern shore of England when she was a young woman. Of all the little ways of English life she continued to cherish here in America, tea time was a favorite. Throughout her 80 years, she always made time in the ...

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