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Are You Asking, “Why Me God?”

Are you thinking why me God? Why do I have to go through so much pain? Why are things so hard? For what purpose must I bear all this pain? Are my tears flowing for no reason? Have you thought about giving up but realized you can’t? No man in ...

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“I Can Do It Too”: A Future of Men with Wombs

Seems like we women are trapped in a game of “I Can Do It Too” with the opposite sex. It started when society decided to associate girls with the color pink. Then men wanted the color too. So, we said okay. Since a color is just a color, men you ...

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Lane Ends, Merge Right

Two roads diverged … and I chose the one that ended! Last week, I was driving to Nashville, Tennessee, and I was abruptly forced to change my route. Right in front of me stood a flashing sign that read: “Lane ends merge right.”  Now, I was pretty certain of my path. ...

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Having Patience For God’s Purpose

They say that patience is a virtue, One we all must strive to obtain. But patiently enduring strife and troubles, Is often so difficult to sustain. Paul said to glory in our tribulations, Knowing this will allow us to persevere. That this will bring experience, character and hope, So we ...

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The Good News about God: You’re Not Good Enough

God’s love and His perfect plan of salvation truly are an unfathomable abyss. Even if we devoted our entire lives to studying God in the Scriptures and seeking Him daily in prayer we would barely even scratch the surface. What we could totally grasp of God with our own intellect ...

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