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Papaw’s Final Graduation

After grandma’s passing, on February 5, 1984, it was hard to believe that three months later grandpa (our nickname for him was Papaw) would be graduating (as he always put it) into heaven, as well. Oh, he loved the Lord, with all his heart, there was no doubt about that! ...

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What’s In Your “Dash” of Life?

Recently, I was in contact with my high school graduating class of 1967. When I think back to those with whom I went to school what comes to mind is what have they done with their lives? What occupations did they pursue? How successful have they been? What did they ...

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What Will the DJ Play?

Summer, the party season, is on the heels of spring, but this doesn’t mean celebrations aren’t happening now! Spring is the season for myriads of graduation parties. Plus, birthday parties have no season. But as for Christian festivities, anytime around, what will the DJ play? A great party needs great ...

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