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Respecting God

My friends often ask me why, when I write, I capitalize the nouns depicting God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus when I am typing verses from Bible versions that do not capitalize them in their text.  The nouns are he, him, me, mine, those kinds of words.  The only answer ...

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Appreciating the Shepherd

Abel, Rachel, Moses and David were one; Jesus says He is the Good and Chief One.  So, what are we looking at today?  Shepherds!  They figure prominently in Scripture, and October is designated as Pastor Appreciation Month.  It seemed the perfect time to consider shepherds.  Often Social Media posts laud ...

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My Jesus Journey (Pt. 1) His Lineage

January, 2012, the year I decided to get to know Jesus better.  I had listened to others’ messages about Jesus for so long, that I had forgotten some of the most important things about Him.  I wanted to get personally reacquainted with Him.  So, I decided to read only the ...

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Honoring Heroes

The calendar brings us to Memorial Day, the most solemn of our national holidays.  Memorials—like all great things—were God’s idea first.  God commanded the use of memorials to the children of Israel, and woven throughout scripture are examples of memorials as celebration and worship.  Like everything that God commands, it ...

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