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Jesus – The Great “I AM”

Out of the burning bush, the Lord declared, “I AM that I AM”, This was the voice of the Precious Lamb. So who is He, and who are we? Continue reading and you will see. From the Gospel of John, the eight “I AM” statements will be revealed, May this ...

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Feeling “Less Than Enough”? Moses Did Too!

Exodus 3 and 4 relates the beginnings of Moses being used by God in very significant ways.  Moses’ first realization of a “God-move” in his life was at the burning bush.  After turning aside to investigate why the flaming bush didn’t disintegrate, he heard God speak to him.  Now remember, ...

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“I AM”

Last week a friend (fellow-writer with The Bottom Line) suggested I do a word study on the seven “I AM’s” in the gospel of John. I decided to take him up on it. Here’s the seven “I AM’s” listed in John’s gospel: “I AM the Bread of Life” (6:35) “I ...

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