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Embrace The Light

We must take stock in all of our darkness in order to embrace the coming light. Let the “Light of Life”, Christ, light your way. With Him comes new life and a new hope. He is the light of an eternal day, absent of any darkness! The light comes to drive ...

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Jesus – The Great “I AM”

Out of the burning bush, the Lord declared, “I AM that I AM”, This was the voice of the Precious Lamb. So who is He, and who are we? Continue reading and you will see. From the Gospel of John, the eight “I AM” statements will be revealed, May this ...

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In The Darkness There Is Light

“But if one walks in the night, he stumbles, because the light is not in him.” John 11:10  A few years ago I had a private office at work.  I really liked it. It afforded me peace and quiet, privacy, and a measure of freedom.  I really liked it, but ...

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