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How To Keep Your Gift-Budget in Tact

Oh how I enjoy giving gifts at Christmas.  I revel in seeing the surprise and delight on the faces of each recipient especially if the gift is needed and unexpected.  I find it thrilling!  But, with that said, I can get carried away and cross my budget boundaries throwing the ...

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Seeing Your Purpose Through the Eyes of God

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why was I put on this earth? What is my purpose? What is God’s plan for my life?” I have pondered these questions many times. Usually it’s when a life altering event has taken place or when everything appears to be in total chaos. But ...

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The Codependent Christian

  Psychologists define codependency as an inordinate and unhealthy compulsion to rescue and take care of people, and when you allow another person’s problems to control how you think, feel, and act.  This can occur with spouses, family members, and friends. Enabling goes hand in hand with codependency. Enabling is ...

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Having Realistic Expectations of Others  

  Trying to control the actions and behaviors of others, leads to frustration and anger. People will fail you, disappoint you, and let you down. Most of the time, others are not intentionally trying to hurt you, but it feels that way when their behavior is contrary to loving actions ...

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Beyond Our Limits

Sometimes the pressures of life do shove us to our limit.  Perhaps you are there today…overwhelmed by things you cannot control, frightened by possibilities you dread or grieved by the choices of another.    Can you believe that you are in a perfect place?  It is in the times we come ...

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