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Ignite Your Passion for Soul Saving

Have you ever seen a child who’s fascinated about a TV show or an action figure? I mean a child who walk, talk, and breathe their icon. That child will ensure that all homework and chores get done on time, so undivided attention can be spent on his/her passion. No ...

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Should Women be Ordained Pastors?

Have you ever stopped to notice that there are no ordained woman preachers in the Bible? Have you ever wondered why the twelve disciples were all males? “Do you believe women should be ordained pastors?” James Brown sings that “it’s a man’s world.” Many will strongly disagree with his claim, ...

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Go Tell It

“Go tell it on the mountain Over the hills and everywhere Go tell it on the mountain That Jesus Christ is born.” Do you remember that song? That’s an old favorite of mine. Simple put, it’s a song that is imploring us to become witnesses for Jesus Christ. He is ...

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