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Choosing Your Candidate

The presidential election season has descended on us already. One by one, we hear of yet another hopeful, announcing a bid for the presidency. Special interest groups and lobbyists will soon flood the air waves and mailboxes enlightening us on who we should vote for and why. Before long there ...

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Political Evil vs The Promised Land

‘You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent.’  Psalm 91: 13 (NIV) Washington, D.C., Ramallah, Baghdad, Moscow…these capital cities are among the most well-known in the world.  And they are also the centers of violence, greed, corruption, and evil.  I see them as ...

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Truth or Lie?

Truth matters but it is a nebulous thing in our world today; Scripture is never hazy about truth!  A partial truth—a lie—destroyed paradise.  Partial truths ruin relationships, fracture families and dishonor Jesus Christ, the Truth.  In our journey through names of Christ, we will pause today to look at Him ...

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