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Spiritual Security In A Troubled World

In these times of uncertainty with global events, wars, and the total breakdown of society, security will not be found in corrupt governments, world leaders (of which there are none at this moment in time), the COVID vaccine, or anything that humanity can invent or discover. Many have come to ...

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Christmas Every Day

Two thousand years ago a baby was born in a lowly manger, a very humble place. He was more than just a baby; He came to redeem the human race. (Romans 3:23-24) More than that he was God, and God who became a man. For all those who believe in ...

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The Brokenhearted

Questions seem to be in our minds, throughout our human lives. The what ifs and if I had only, sometimes leaves us sad and lonely. Remembering, as if it were yesterday. I can still hear Him, even today. “My children, who are dear to me, look in My eyes and ...

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Do This In Remembrance Of Me

Life gets busy for all of us. Slowing down to take in the things in this life that matter is or should be a high priority in our lives. As a Christian, a disciple of Christ, the Lord’s Supper should always be one of those times. We should take it ...

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Here Today & Gone Tomorrow

I could never boast of all You’ve done for me. Only You, have given me sight that sets me free! Seeing others through Your Holy Spirit, I’m able to show that Your love has no limit! You love all creatures, great and small, and not a particular one, but for ...

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