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Accessing our Spiritual Inheritance

spiritual inheritance, keys to the kingdom, accessing our inheritance, joint heirs with Christ

A woman who worked for an attorney told how sometimes estates are settled and there is difficulty locating the beneficiaries. All the wealth of a lifetime amassed, sitting there, remains untouched as the office tries to track down a distant relation. We have an inheritance as believers, for “the Father ...

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Does God perform miracles today?  Do you believe all the Biblical miracles written 2,000 years ago?  Do you believe that in the centuries since the New Testament that people have been raised from the dead, due to the powers of God? These are key questions that can have a profound ...

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Those Disappointing Christians!

Let’s face it, at one time or an other we have all been disappointed by the behavior of a person who claimed to be a Christian.  Most people have fairly high expectations of Christians or Christ-followers.  I mean, God did call them royalty, saints, and heirs of a heavenly kingdom. ...

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