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Wisdom And Folly

Being proud of accomplishing something is not necessarily a bad thing. Working towards a goal and then reaching said goal usually makes a person proud. Rightfully so if you’ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into something. But, there’s always a but, you should know that pride comes ...

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Thankful For The Son

Thanksgiving always brings about thoughts of good home cooked food and being around relatives you might not get to see often. At least that is what I think about when I hear Thanksgiving. Growing up we didn’t go to church very often so thankfulness or being thankful for things wasn’t ...

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Share The Truth In Love

Sharing the truth in love. How are we as disciples of Jesus Christ supposed to go about doing this? The truth of the saving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should move every one of us to want to share it with everyone we encounter. This truth is what ...

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Be At War With The World

Friendship with the world is contrary to the Bible. Therefore warring with the world and it’s godless ideals and culture is something a Christian should engage in in order to make disciples. We are obviously supposed to be in this world and work and share the truth of God’s word. ...

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How My Son Saved My Life

My son was born 3 months early. At 27 weeks gestation and 2 lbs 6 ounces he was a miracle baby. God saw fit to bring him into our lives early and test my faith. Looking back on the situation now I can see that. At the time I saw ...

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