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Living with Eternity in Mind

“What we do in life echoes in eternity!” – Maximus from the film Gladiator. A great line from a great movie, yet how many of us truly live with eternity in mind? There are far too many people doing nothing more in life than seeking to create their own “heaven ...

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Biblical Jesus VS. Modern Jesus (Part Three)

For our last installment in this blog series contrasting the difference between Jesus Christ as described in the Holy Bible and the modern/new-age counterfeit Jesus we have five final differences to share. Please read Part One and Part Two if you missed them over the past weeks. In preparing this material ...

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Biblical Jesus VS. Modern Jesus (Part Two)

Last week in Part One of this series, we discussed five differences between the Jesus of the Bible and the Jesus being promoted by the modern world we live in.  Sadly we see too many examples of people who are “perverting the gospel of Christ,” and turning to “a different ...

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Biblical Jesus VS. Modern Jesus (Part One)

In the almost two decades of my adult life prior to me accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I read a LOT of books. Mostly self-help type books dealing with the topics of spiritual fulfillment and how to accomplish worldly success. One thing that is apparent is almost all ...

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The Folly of Coming to God for Earthly Treasures

Lately I have found myself very much disgusted by what a lot of the modern church has become. So many precious children of God have been sucked into new age cults and heretical teachings that are being passed off as “new movements of the Holy Spirit.” They are full of ...

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