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Breaking Down The Great Wall Of China (Chinese/English)

Dear friend

Can you spend five minutes a day to pray for China?

Here are requests for every day of the week for China, I am a foreign Christian living in China and so I am on the ball so to speak in regard to the needs of the Chinese church.

Please share this prayer focus with your church/social media groups.

You can even set up a church/social media group to pray for China.

Please print out these requests and post on Church notice boards/church websites.

Please post them on Facebook/Twitter ( daily), your social media profile is meant to be an avenue to help and bless your fellow brethren, USE IT!

2 Thessalonians 3 Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honoured, as happened among you, 2 and that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men. For not all have faith. 3 But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one. 4 And we have confidence in the Lord about you, that you are doing and will do the things that we command. 5 May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ.

Please pray that the Chinese church, would be filled with purity, power and boldness as it meets today. Please pray for the pastors as they preach, for boldness and empowerment. Please pray for the protection of all services.

Please pray as the church is 80-90% women. Men need to be challenged and activated into leadership. Please pray that each church would have a group of godly men, who fear nothing but God, and who are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the gospel.

Please pray for the next generation, most of the church is made up of middle-aged people. Please pray that there would be an influx of young people and children into the church. The next generation is only interested in the latest fashion and cell phone. Please pray for the children of China, who are under severe pressure to achieve a good score at school.

Persecution is real, but we can and do share the gospel. Please pray that God would open up opportunities to share the gospel. People are in great need. Many people have mental problems, the society seems stable, but people are hurting very deeply. Please pray that the church, would be salt and light.

Thursday140 million are unreached. The size of the task is huge, to walk down a street is to be overwhelmed by this mass of humanity. Please pray that every person in China, would hear the gospel.

Many millions are trapped in Buddhism (500 Million), Communist Ideology (130 Million) and Atheism (500 Million). These ideologies are deep strongholds for the Chinese people and can only be dismantled by fervent and persevering prayer. Especially pray for the leader of China and the members of the CCP.

Please pray for Revival of the church in China, it is only the power of the gospel, that can release China from the power of darkness. Consistent and fervent prayer is needed, please pray that the Chinese church would be filled with power and boldness and would by the preaching of the gospel, CHANGE MANY MILLIONS OF HEARTS IN CHINA.

Are you willing to join us?

These requests are guidelines, please use the books Operation World and Operation China for more detailed information.

About Keith H

Hello everyone, my name is Keith or kk. love the Lord, his word and his people.Saved since 1975. Married to an amazing Chinese lady called Helen withe daughter called Sherry Love to write and to share Gods word.. I love to travel, we have been to Norway, Rome and Prague recently. i love reading, watching sport and listening to music especially City alight and soundslikereign If you wish to contact me my email is [email protected] Remember to pray for the Chinese Church

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  1. Yes, indeed!
    Appreciate you sharing your heart and soul with all who will view this article.
    This is something of great importance that we can join together in agreement with to make a difference in the lives and future of many in China as well as lives that can be changed when His truths are shared even further.
    The problem you stated seems to be worldwide

  2. Keith,
    Cora and I are in agreement, changing lives and truth is a common thread we can all agree upon. And it certainly seems prevalent throughout the world.
    Thank you for a good message, and article.

  3. I’ll join you in prayer for China, Keith.

  4. please use the prayer calender
    share please

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