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The Shepherd’s Psalm, Part 1 (Chinese, English)

Psalm 23:1 [A Psalm of David.]] The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

[大卫的诗篇。]] 耶和华是我的牧者; 我不会想要的。



This is probably the best-known psalm of all the wonderful 150, people can often quote this verse by verse.


We are going to see how the first words, play out in practice.


The author, well who better than a shepherd, David knew about being a shepherd and the Holy Spirit used his experience to write these inspired and blessed verses. 


He starts out with this statement, the Lord is my shepherd, he was an expert in shepherding sheep, but here he was acknowledging that is the Lord who was His shepherd.


Everything flows from our relationship with the shepherd, he provides for us, he protects us and gives us all blessings.


But it starts, with this question; Is he your shepherd?


The whole thrust of this psalm, is the relationship between the shepherd and his sheep, it is an intimate and personal one. Have you an intimate and personal relationship with the Lord and are able to call him.. my shepherd.




In the first devotion of this series, we saw how personal, the Lord was. He was my shepherd.


Being a shepherd was a lonely business sometimes, David had to look after the sheep on his own, there must have been times that he ran out of food for himself, but he like us, knows that the Lord and him alone is his provider.


When we know the Lord is our shepherd, we will never be in want, because our Father knows what we need, even before we ask Him.. amen.


When we ask him, he will give us the right thing at just the right time. I have seen God provide, so many times during my time in China. He brings students to the class, the right students, the right number at the right time.


We can trust God, because he is our shepherd, the sheep have complete trust of their shepherd, if we do the same, we will be able to say:


I shall not want or I shall never lack any good thing.




God alone is our Jehovah Jireh.. our provider, not the church or your friends, although he uses these two avenues.


God provides everything for his sheep. Praise his holy name.


God bless you



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  1. Hi Keith,
    Yes, praising His name, Always!
    Thank you
    God Bless~

  2. The one thing that makes all the difference between man and the Lord with this title is that He laid down His life for His sheep (mankind).
    I haven’t heard of any man with this job description ever did this for their flock though David did stand up to rescue some of his father’s sheep when wild animals came for the herd.
    Wonderful message.

  3. thanks for your responses

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