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Treasure God’s Word Most of All

The little treasures of childhood, some are stored away in boxes or hidden in the backs of closets, others are displayed somewhere in our adult world. One of my treasures is the wooden doll crib Grandpa gave me for Christmas in 1967. It was his last gift to me, he passed away just two weeks later. Like all toys of those days, it was well crafted, with a wooden rail that raised and lowered just like a real crib. Today it is in several pieces, stored away safely in a closet, and someday I will leave it to one of my granddaughters for her own little girl. Another little treasure is the blond haired, dressed in pink baby doll presented by my aunt and uncle 49 birthdays ago when they dropped by that cold November day for a visit. My parents were newly divorced and we had just moved to a new home three hours away. The doll has no monetary value, but she represents love and kindness to me.

It may be heirloom Christmas ornaments, a first baseball mitt, a little wooden doll crib, or even a first car, but we all have treasures that we keep close mostly because of what they represent or who they bring to our remembrance.

Words can be treasures too, especially when they come from the heart of God. David, the Psalmist, was a king with many earthly treasures. All that a man could desire lay within his palace walls. Still, he treasured God’s Word above all else in his world, knowing that it would bring him closer to his Lord, and help protect him from sin:

Your word I have treasured and stored in my heart, That I may not sin against You.    Psalm 119:11

Our earthly treasures will some day be dust. The bible says that even heaven and earth will one day pass away, and only the Word of God will remain. Of all the things that we treasure, may it be the Words of God that we hold nearest to our heart, for they are life to us.

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