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Africa On The horizon

I’m getting closer to leaving for my trip to Africa. I’m going with a group of people from my church. We’ll be going to help out a home that houses several children and runs a Christian school. I’m starting to get more and more things ready for it. I’ve got my vaccines taken care of. Need to purchase a few other items but all in all pretty close to being ready to go. In the midst of getting the vaccine and talking about the trip I realized I left out one major part and that was preparing myself mentally and spiritually for the trip.

There aren’t very many concerns I have about the trip in general. But one thing I am starting to prepare for and praying about is preaching in Africa. It’s obviously going to be a little different because there’s going to be a translator there alongside me. So I know I’ll have to slow my Pace down and read very carefully. As long as I can get my sermon down and know the material to the best of my abilities I should be good.

The other thing I’m needing to prepare for more is leaving my family for 3 weeks. I’ve tried to play it off like it’s not that big of a deal, probably my prideful arrogance, but it is a big deal. I know that my family will be fine, we have a big group of people who love us and will take care of them. We’re extremely blessed to have that. But there is still the aspect of not being there for them that weighs on me. I know that I’ll need to be in prayer a lot more these next few weeks, more than I ever have been. Doubts and fears are sure to rise up in preparation and during the trip but I know with fervent prayer from all of us involved God will see us through it.

Philippians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

I take heart with this verse in particular. Especially in this stage of my life. The ESV says “don’t be anxious for anything” instead of “ be careful for nothing”.

Anxiousness is a present reality for me at this time. It’s there and around every aspect of this trip. But when I do pray for something specific I get a sense of peace afterwards.

Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Through Christ is how that peace comes to us. Not through any mortal means or something a motivational speaker said but through Christ. The same Christ that gave his life for me. For every born again believer. That Christ keeps our hearts and minds at peace when we give it all to Him.

So as I end this short article I’d like to ask you reading this for your prayers as well. Pray for courage for the group going and the sharing of the gospel. Pray for my family in my absence and pray that God will be glorified through our time in this foreign land.

About Matthew S

I'm currently a Deacon at a Baptist Church in the process of becoming an elder. I have an amazing wife and one son. Currently work in a box/puzzle factory. I enjoy studying God's word, lifting weights, hiking, hunting and fishing.

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  1. Matthew,
    This message was an excellent reminder for all of us to “be anxious for nothing, and pray about everything” – Thank you.
    And may God bless you and lead you safely in your trip to Africa, and may His Presence become bigger in all things you do in His name.
    I will keep you in prayer Matthew, and your family and all those you will be attending to.
    Don’t worry – God has you always and I’m sure you will touch many people with your love of Christ, and His love for you.
    God Bless~

  2. Sometimes the anticipation makes use feel jittery when we get focused on the what if’s. We picture things in our minds and even have expectations about what we think will be the outcome. Or our nerves can cause us concerns about what is before us that may not turn out as we hope.
    But God is already there making preparations for you and He will be your guide and comforter as well as for your family in your absence.
    How great is our God! More than our finite minds can comprehend. Praise to His name who shelters His own under His wings as a mother hen gathers her brood.
    May many find the Lord and the church be built up in that region of the world. May you go with a peaceful heart.

  3. My wife and I will include you and your family in our prayers. I will specifically pray for your preaching. Matthew, you are taking a big step of God-honoring faith. I believe you will go with God’s protection and provision.

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