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Dwelling in the Praise of My People

“Children your praise I relish in my heart. I have written in my word that I will inhabit the praise of my people. Yes I will inhabit the praise of my beloved bride on earth. My people who are called by my name, if they will lift their praise to me; I will hear from heaven and heal their land, restore their families and revive their nations.”


“You will find in the Old Testament that I responded to praise with signs and wonders. Israel, my chosen, would send out their singers ahead of their army and they would sing sweet praise to me and I routed their enemies before them.  Praise moves my hand and opens the doors for me to work mightily on your behalf. Remember when Solomon dedicated my house and the children of my inheritance sang praises to my name?  What did I do? I sent my Shekinah glory in their midst and filled their temple. My glory was so strong the priests could not minister in my house. I love to hear your praise little ones.”


“You are surrounded by the enemy and he comes in like a flood; raise your voice to heaven and I Will lift up a standard he cannot withstand.  Paul and Silas were beaten and bruised and thrown in jail for crimes they did not commit.  The midnight hour came and they lifted their voices in song and praise.  I heard from heaven and sent a strong earthquake; it shook the prison and the ground where they lay. Their chains fell of and they went free. The jailer was heartbroken than he was made whole. This is how I respond when you send praise my way.”

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