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God’s Glory Has Risen Upon You

“Arise, shine! For your light has come; the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.
 For look! Darkness will cover the earth and thick darkness is over the people
but the Lord will arise upon you, his glory will appear over you.” Isaiah 60:1-2

Have you ever wondered what these verses are really saying? What does it mean to have the Glory of the Lord arise upon you? His glory rises upon you covering your life with His anointing.

When God’s anointing comes upon you, His presence and power will be manifested in your life in tangible ways that you have not experienced before. This new manifestation of His presence empowers you to be more effective in service to Him. He draws closer to you when His glory rises upon you and you will be more tuned to His small, still voice.

When God’s glory rises upon you, you will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. You will pray for people’s needs and see the Lord move heaven and earth to meet those needs. Jesus Christ will come and abide with you in a stronger manifestation in your relationship with Him. The Lord will transform your mind so you will think, talk and act more like Him than ever before. You will fully realize your authority in Jesus.

Under the mantle of God’s glory, the gifts the Lord has implanted in you from birth will be honed and operate more frequently. People will notice Jesus is alive and well on planet earth. Every time you walk into a room Jesus will walk in with you and they will know the Lord of Glory has come to visit with them.

“But you’ll receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you’ll be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts1:8 (NIV)

Recently, in a prophetic word, God spoke to me: “My children I am ascending to heaven and I will send you another Helper. My Father’s Spirit will come and abide in each one of you. He will empower you to go forth to be my power witnesses throughout the earth. So go wait in Jerusalem and on the chosen day I will release Him on the earth. He will come upon you and reside inside each one of you. (Before this time God never came to dwell within a human being.) My Glory through the Holy Spirit will rise upon you and the world will know that you are my chosen instruments. The nations will know that I have sent you to proclaim the revolutionizing news of the gospel. Furthermore, I will confirm your testimony with signs and wonders throughout the earth.”

Today the Lord is keeping the promise He gave His followers in the book of Acts. The glory of the Almighty will rise upon His Church and the Father will make His mission known to the inhabitants of the earth. God has always risen upon His children throughout biblical history. Certainly today will be no different. So brothers and sisters in Christ look up His glory draws nigh!

How do you experience God’s glory in your own life?

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Greg is a born again believer who testifies to the absolute transforming power of God's word. Greg has been called to full time ministry and He has known Jesus for most of his life. Greg received his degree in Pastoral Ministries from what was formerly Bethany University in Santa Cruz,California. View Greg blogs on iwriteforjesus.com. Greg has a book published on " To Jesus Christ the High Priest of my confession: A personal Testimony." find it on http://www.amazon.com/Christ-Priest-Confession-Personal-Testimony/dp/1507706847/ His testimony in short form is published in "Trials and Triumphs II" on http://www.amazon.com/Trials-Triumphs-II-FaithWriters/dp/1498416012/. This book is filled with 50 inspirational testimonies and is a project of Faith Writers.

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