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Is It The Last Generation?




The Great Generation, as we so well know it, those brave ones who marched courageously into the front lines of World War 2, and weathered the Great Depression, is soon coming to an end, as we witness more and more of our elders from that profound time in history slowly fading away.  It is a time to mourn, that is certain, yet a time to remember and strive to see what we can do to bring the change we so desperately need.  How can this present generation step up to the plate and return to a time when morality and ethics truly mattered?  Over the past several months, I have presented a number of programs on my weekly radio show “The Journey”, bringing into view two different ends of the spectrum, highlighting the generation passing, the generation upon us now, and even our uncertain future generation, if there is to be one!  This life is but a passing vapor, and we are here and then gone and all so suddenly.  I have a catch phrase I live by and even more so at this stage of my life, “Life Is Short!”  And so it is, my friends.

Also on my weekly radio program I begin each segment with a statement asking God to allow those who come behind me, to find me faithful.  I believe it is of high importance to leave a lasting legacy and to let that legacy be one that will light the way of strong devotion and character to those who would look to our leadership.  I have pledged allegiance to a flag that has waved through many a war time and has been the symbol of what it really means to be, and remain, free.  I have stated the importance of justice and proclaimed one nation, under God, and the urgency to trust Him.

Abraham Lincoln once said: “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedom, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”  This great President went on to say: “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”

What has happened to us as a nation and as a world?  We call this passing generation the Great Generation, yet, in fact, we can call nearly every generation, before the 21st Century, the great generation.  You ask me why?  Because the lack of morality is off the charts today!  Even common courtesy is rarely extended.  In the big scheme of things, common courtesy may be where it all begins, just simply caring more for others than we do for ourselves.  Did you hear this ISIS?

All soldiers are admonished to remember: Mission first, never accept defeat, never quit, and never leave a fallen comrade.  All of us in this present generation and the generation to come would do well to remember and practice these words daily.  “Oh say can you see……..”

About Annie Meadows

Annie Meadows is divinely inspired and is now being called the modern day Beatrix Potter as she creates morally rich books for children and those who choose to remain young at heart.

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  1. What radio network is your show on, Annie? God has certainly given you an awesome ministry with a unique message, not to mention your past life of being involved in the occult.

    • Thank John, You have been an inspiration and have offered great encouragement to me. My show “The Journey” can be listened to at anytime (which many do so in Europe and beyond, at my website archives), yet is LIVE in Las Vegas on KKVV 1060AM Christian Talk Radio every Tuesday at 1:32pm (Pacific Time) AND on KLHT 1040AM in Honolulu, Hawaii every Saturday at 1:30pm. It is a half-hour program. You can access the archives at: http://www.faithrunner.org Click on the Radio Tab and all the programs by Title and Date come up and you can listen immediately:) The January 6th, 2015 “The Green Green Grass of Home” is a bit different as it was pre-recorded and is a tribute to my mother, I was at her funeral back home that Tuesday:( Blessings!

  2. Great article. I have been so saddened by our country’s direction for a long time. Jesus is the only answer & as you encouraged your readers, it begins with us Christians, living according to Gods word. To love our neighbors as we love ourselves, being others-centered, putting others’ needs above our own…

  3. Great article and I agree with Michelle that Jesus is the only answer and we need to live according to God’s words (Bible)

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