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Jesus will Perfect you

Psalm 138:8” The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me: thy mercy, O LORD, endureth forever: forsake not the works of thine own hands.” ” I will perfect that which concerns my church. What concerns my church deeply concerns me; I said in Hebrews that I am the High Priest who sympathizes with your weaknesses. I was tempted in all facets of  life. I went before you and now I walk with you to guide all your paths. I want to perfect all that concerns you in your life. What do I mean by perfect: I want to carry all the concerns and anxieties in your journey bringing them to complete victory.”


“I intimately know your faults and weaknesses. I fearfully and wonderfully made you. I want to carry the burdens of this life on my broad shoulders. I can carry you  and I will take what concerns you and perfect it unto that bright and glorious day of my soon coming.    Why do you let the burdens of   life weigh you down?  Behold I stand at the door  and  knock. Will you let me in and fellowship with you? I am stretching out my hands offering the weak a peaceful yoke with a light burden.


“There were two sets of footsteps in the sand while the times were still and calm. We walked hand in hand along the sand. The waves began to roll and the wind howled fiercely. The times turned dark and trying  then there was one set of footsteps. You looked back to that place in time and you wondered where I was. You asked me, “Lord where were you in those dark and unknown times, when I needed you the most ?” ” Child I was there carrying you in my arms.”

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