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Lessons from a Shepherd

I love my dog.  I’m sure she is the smartest Australian Shepherd ever!  She has no college degree, but she is a great teacher none the less.  My latest lesson under her instruction focused on “positioning and patience”.  Position yourself where you can get your heart’s desire then wait patiently.  Simple.

Consider the scene…small kitchen, meal preparation, fumble-fingered cook, “foodie” dog, comfy rug in the doorway… the perfect place for an opportunistic dog to set up a vigil for the tasty morsels that are sure to fall to the floor.  At the sound of a plop, click, or thud, Bonnie hurries to snatch that savory tidbit of her heart’s desire.  Then she resorts back to that comfy rug to patiently wait for another blessing to drop.  She has repeated this scenario long enough to know what to expect.  She keeps her eyes focused on me.  She steadfastly believes that I will eventually drop or toss something.  That is her heart’s desire.  She patiently waits for it.  I confess, simply because she is close, I do toss a few appropriate tidbits her way.  Smart dog!

As I ponder this lesson in positioning and patience, I picture a child wanting to play ball.  He sits and watches every game until the day someone invites him to join the team.  He has shown his commitment already.  I think about a shy singer who wants to sing in the choir but dreads asking for a chance.  He faithfully, though, attends every rehearsal and sings along from the front pew, cheering on the group.  He beams the day he is invited to join them.  He has proven his commitment.  His heart’s desire is realized.  These two examples positioned themselves near the source of their heart’s desire and waited patiently, just like Bonnie.  Finally, the opportunity availed itself.  What if they had given up?  Would it have been just one effort short of success?  Other opportunities may wait down the road; but, maybe not.

I believe receiving from Jesus works similarly.  When we stick close to His side, keeping our eyes on Him, he sees our great desire and rewards us for our commitment to glean from His treasure chest of heaven.  Sometimes He lets us wait; thereby, revealing to us the real desires of our own hearts.  How badly do we want what He has to give?  Will we wait?  Patiently?  How long?  And, sometimes, I believe He hands out a blessing just because we are purposefully positioned close by.  Waiting.  Expecting.  Needless to say, He loves His kids more than I love my dog.  And this heavenly Shepherd teaches us important life lessons, too.  Stick close to Him.  You’ll see.


About Stephanie Hanouw

I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Makes me think of the story of the persistent widow. She kept at the judge until he finally honored her request. In life, we always have to keep at things. Patience and perseverance will certainly pay off, especially when we look to the Lord. Great article. God bless. 🙂

  2. Sweet! I do the same with our dogs…and I agree. God smiles at our persistent devotion too. Really enjoyed this.

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