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Sitting At the Feet of Christ

I have only scattered memories of my grandfather, James. He died just months before my fourth birthday.  My favorite memory is when I would sit at his feet as he took an old pocket watch from the pocket of his trousers, holding it to my ear.  He would quiet my fidgeting, telling me to listen as if I were about to hear a very great secret. I would listen to that old pocket watch tick, tick, tick away as he held it to my ear. To another, this gesture would hold no meaning. But to me, it is a cherished memory of a man I never had the chance to know well.

Many others have a similar memory of sitting with someone they loved. Perhaps they remember listening to stories told by that special person or maybe they sat and listened as the person read to them or taught them stitchery or another skill set. There is much to be learned sitting at the feet of someone who is wise with age and experience … but can you imagine sitting at the feet of Christ?

Mary, sister to Martha and Lazarus,  could remember this very experience if she were here today, describing  in detail how one day she stopped all of her work, forgot all of her responsibilities for a bit, and sat at Christ’s feet—”hanging on His every word.”

As they continued their travel, Jesus entered a village. A woman by the name of Martha welcomed him and made him feel quite at home. She had a sister, Mary, who sat before the Master, hanging on every word he said.  Luke 10:39

We can only guess what Jesus said to Mary in their conversation–and what she said in return. Did she tell Him of her troubles and fears? Did she ask His counsel in the decisions she faced? Did they laugh and talk of ordinary things around them? We are left with  our imagination concerning this day recorded in Luke. But today, we can live in a position of communion with Christ. While we cannot literally sit at His feet like Mary of old, we can spend time communing with Him through the reading of His Word and time spent listening in prayer. We have the privilege and joy of  talking to Him anytime, no matter where we are–what a blessing it is! And though He may seem far away due to our own emotional state or the busyness of our lives, He is never further than the calling of His Name…

Do you believe that Christ hears you when you pray, that He is near to you?  Will you spend time with Him today, “sitting at His feet?”

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