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The Real You

If the essence of my heart reveals the real me, I figured I had better start searching it to see what lay therein.  As I contemplated this gargantuan task, I decided to narrow down my project and start with the positive aspects.  I concluded a wise first step would be to seek the things that made my heart swell…you know, the things that give the biggest joy-bursts.  I like the part of me best that makes me and others smile.

My list begins with: most anything that has to do with nature (except the dying part), particularly God’s snowflake artistry and vibrant seasonal colors, the sound of thunder in the distance,  the dance of falling leaves in a gentle breeze, paths in the forest, geese on the wing creating fluid graphite pictures on a bright blue or stormy gray background, the innocence of baby animals, aspen leaves making joyful, dancing shadows on my kitchen wall, all flowers, stars on a black velvet background, huge flakes of snow falling in slow motion, oak trees – really old ones, pine trees – the bark and wind whispering through the needles, darkness, twenty minutes after sunset and before sunrise, sheer white curtains breathing with the wind, twinkling stars.

A thrill bubbles up and I get energized by tight, close harmony, singing (with clarity and strength), the sound of 12 string guitars,  John Denver’s voice, words that paint pictures, moves of God, answered prayer, victory, my family, sincere smiles accompanied by twinkling eyes, innocence, a quick wit, meeting a goal, marking things off my list, creating that list, vivid colors, helping someone where it makes a difference, hugging a child and getting a hug back, charcoal drawings, creating charcoal drawings.  I love a communication breakthrough (with animals and children especially), writing, freedom of heart, genuine laughter.  I could go on, but I think I have gotten a bit of insight into “me”.  Even writing this makes me see a little more clearly who I am underneath all the layers that cover the real me.

Now it is your turn.  I ask you, what is the essence of your heart?  Start with the positive aspects…the things that bring a thrill.  They are there even if you have to do a little digging through layers.  You are unique so your list will read differently than mine.  Look for the real you in your list.  God made someone special when He made you.

Should you have trouble searching your heart, try asking God to go there with you.  Ask for His cleansing and forgiveness where necessary and see if that doesn’t help you work your way through the layers that you may have built up.  When one has a clean heart, with layers removed, and washed with Jesus’ forgiveness, it is amazing what wonders lie within.  What is the real you?

About Stephanie Hanouw

I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Great article! Love all the details. I have learned to appreciate and get joy from some of these same, simple things!

    Good to think about….

  2. Thank you, Lisa. Thrilling, isn’t He?

  3. Love the part about the cleansed heart!

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