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There Are Never Limits on God’s Work

Everyone has plans and dreams for their lives and their future. My plan for my future (starting from each day in my last years in highschool) has always been this:

-Graduate High School.
-Take a year to save for college.
-Go to Bible College for four years (and take their youth ministries course)
-Graduate college four years later
-Find a job as a youth leader and start helping out other teens/kids. (and in the distant future, turn my home into a foster home for teens and minister to them)

This has been my plan for a while now and I’ve really been focusing on trying to reach it because, I want to minister to teens and kids who are going through hard times.(and adults but my main focus is teens. The future generation.)But then after a couple different situations I realized something.

Why do I have to wait? Why do I have to wait to do this? Why? Why? Why?

Here’s the answer, I don’t have to wait. And neither do you!

Over the course of the last couple months I have met three very sweet and very kind girls who are going through some valleys in their lives through a website/pinterest board I co-write called ‘The Hope Movement’ and I have been doing what I planned to do some 5+ years away from right now.

All I was just praying for these girls, talking to them and just letting them know that there is someone who cares and that they are worth something and this, what I was doing right now, is what I wanted to do.

I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I was doing what I planned to do after college. I was helping people. Encouraging them. I didn’t have to wait. That doesn’t mean I still wont go to college for Youth Ministries, but I was doing what I wanted to do.

Oftentimes, one will think of something that that want to do to minister to others and help them, and I ,for one, am always thinking of ways I could help people going through hard times but I always used to think, ‘Oh, I’m not old enough‘ or ‘I’m a 17 year old who has no connections, I guess I will wait‘ or this one is a common one in my mind, ‘I’m a kid. Who will listen to me?

But here is the thing, we are all, both young and old, called to serve God and to share his love with everyone. The hurting, the lonely, the depressed and everyone else in this world! Both young and old, we are called! Isn’t that amazing? We are never too young or too old to do what God has planned for us or tell others about his love.

Is there something you could be doing now that you keep putting on hold because of age or skill or occupation? Is there a way you could try to do that thing now? Or another way to go about it?

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  1. Wow, Adrianna, you are so open to what God is teaching you that I can’t help but say, Wow. You are being an encourager to those who God is bringing into your life, ministering and being who God has created you to be and you get it! It’s exciting that you don’t have to wait and God is using you right now and building in your life experiences that will be carried into your future. He doesn’t waste our time, does He, but uses everything for good and for His purpose. Hugs.

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