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This Place – This Time

Regardless of whether you agree, each of us has been placed in this place, in this time on purpose!  Yep, you have been strategically placed right where you are for a specific reason.  Although you may not know what that “specific reason” is, the fact of purposeful placement with perfect timing is still reality.

You live in this place at this time.  Rich blessings are available to be experienced right where you are.  You can’t see any?  Maybe you are holding them at arms length, unprecedentedly holding them back.  I suggest you look around and begin to list those things you have but couldn’t do without.  Maybe some are relational, maybe some are physical, and maybe some are monetary.  Be creative and truthful.  You have to start somewhere.  Let the “easy to acknowledge” blessings (or good things) be a springboard to the more subtle ones.  And don’t forget to consider that maybe you, yes, you, are the blessing that someone else is waiting for.  That might make you uncomfortable or possibly scared.   Do you deem yourself unworthy?  If you would wholeheartedly embrace the blessings you have and that you might potentially be a blessing, the lives you touch daily would also be blessed and enriched!  Seeing someone blessed by your acknowledgement of them will overcome your feeling of unworthiness.  Your name would find a spot on their list of blessings for their place and time.  Try it; I believe you’ll see I’m right and you might just see your “specific reason” for being here.

The moments in this place and this time are fleeting and brief in light of eternity.  We need to ask the Lord to give us the courage or desire to use the grace He supplies to truly live in and embrace the richness of the blessings He has “allowed” us.   So, since you are placed purposely,  choose to leave love, joy, goodness, kindness, and God-moments in your wake.  Be thankful for your blessings and be a blessing – especially in the lives of those closest to you.  From this moment on, consider being less self-centered.  Spend yourself on others, starting with your family.  God will direct you, give you His grace, and uphold you with His overcoming power so you can make the most of this place at this time and keep counting your blessings!


About Stephanie Hanouw

I just love walking outdoors - day or night. I identify most with the creative side of God and am energized by His artistry all around this world. He amazes me every time I turn around! Yeah, God and thank you, Jesus.

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